Internationales Facharztzentrum

Dermatologist Dr. Jens D. Löhnert


Our dermatologist and allergist Dr. Jens D. Löhnert masters all areas of dermatology, venereology and allergology. Meet a dedicated clinical who, due to his long-time experience, will find the best possible individual dermatological therapy for each patient’s good. The following examinations and treatments are realized in his surgery:

  • Dermatoscopical and videomicroscopical examinations of pigmented moles
  • Computer-assisted skin cancer check-up with photographical documentation
  • Laser treatment for excision of dermatological changes as well as aesthetic dermatological laser therapy
  • Allergy tests (Prick tests, Epicutan-tests) and therapies for allergies (allergic coryza, food allergies, contact allergies)
  • Dermatosurgical operations to excise e.g. skin cancer or pre-stages of skin cancer
  • Microscopical tissue analysis in collaboration with an experienced dermatohistopathologist
  • Diagnosis and treatment of mycosis
  • Diagnosis and therapy of VD diseases
  • Application of Biologics and of immune modulators, e.g. in case of psoriasis or skin tumours, according to latest scientific findings Aesthetic dermatology
  • Soft-peelings with alpha-hydroxy acids to smooth the skin and reduction of so called age spots
  • Ablative laser treatments for excision of cosmetically disturbing lesions like warts, haemangioma, atheroma and others
  • Botox treatments against hyperhidrosis (increased perspiration) and mimic wrinkles (glabellar wrinkles, frowning wrinkles)
  • Dermal fillers
  • Treatments of vasodilatations (couperose, spider veins)

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