Internationales Facharztzentrum

Gynaecologist Dr. Christiane Springer


Our gynaecologist Dr. Christiane Springer is specialised in diagnostic and therapy of the entire gynaecological sector. She is focused on:

  • Preventive gynaecological checkup with video colposcopy; HPV-test; new, liquid based gently cell smear test, ultrasonic testing (also of the breast)
  • Diagnostic and therapy of gynacological infection diseases (chlamydia quick test, bacteria and fungus cultures)
  • Ultrasonic testings (abdominal probe, transvaginal, breast)
  • Gynaecological endocrinology (diagnostic and therapy of hormonal disfunctions and diseases)
  • Diagnostic and therapy of gynaecological tumor diseases, aftertreatment checkups, also in cooperation with international Tumor Centres
  • Osseous densitometry (free of pain and risk-free because of ultrasound)
  • Diagnostic and therapy of acyesis, aslo preparation of IVF-/ICSI-treatment
  • Pregnancy care, incl. colour duplex ultrasonic test
  • Children and adolescent gynaecology
  • Gynaecological psychomatic medecine, private conversation in case of partnership conflicts or sexual dysfunctions
  • Diagnostic of menopause with individualised therapy (hormonal and non-hormonal, natural treatments)
  • Anti-Aging Medicine (Age-Scan, laboratory diagnostic incl. hormonal profile, fitness test, alimentation analysis and consultation for weight reduction)
  • Collaboration with mental coaches, specific hormon therapy and hormon adjustment according to latest scientific results