Internationales Facharztzentrum

Internal Medicine Dr. Michael Springer &
Prof. Dr. Andreas Dietz


Our internist administers diagnostic investigation as well as therapies of diseases on the entire area of internal medicine. As for example:

  • Cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders
  • Affection of gastric and intestinal tract
  • Tumour disease incl. aftertreatment
  • Chemo therapies, also in cooperation with European Tumor Centres
  • Metabolic disorder (amongst others diabetes and lipometabolic disorder)
  • Bronchial and lung diseases
  • Rheumatology, inflammable and degenerative arthropathies
  • Affections of hormonal balance, also hormonal deficiency symptoms during the menopause/andropause
  • Thyroid dysfunction and diseases
  • presurgery diagnostic

Offers refering internal medicine:

  • All kinds of preventive medical checkups
  • Complete and free of pain video endoscopy (gastroscopy and coloscopy) with latest facilities
  • Endoscopical surgeries (adenoid ablation, haemostasis)
  • Ultrasonic testing of the entire abdomen, heart and thyroids with various computer-controlled coulor duplex sonographies
  • Duplex and colour duplex sonographies of arteries and veins to exclude or verify circulatory disorders or thrombosis
  • Cardiological diagnostic incl. Stress and long-term ECG, long-term blood pressure measurement, coulor duplex echocariography
  • Complete internal x-ray incl. lungs, bones, spinal column, kidney, gastric and intestinal tract
  • Bone density test
  • Measurement of pulmonic functions incl. measurement of airways resistance
  • complete blood analysis (clinical chemistry, haemogram and coagulation) in own laboratory, complete secial labatory incl. hormonal determination
  • Ambulatory and stationary therapies, incl. chemo therapy and blood transfusion (semi-stationary in day hospital), also in close collaboration with your attending physician
  • Determination of biological age (Age-Scan) and all advanced examinations within the scope of the so called Anti-Aging Medicine, hormonal determination and individualized backup treatments
  • all kind of vaccinations, travel consultation

Another main focus is early diagnosis and prevention.

Within the scope of our special program “Mallorca Medicine Check” we offer the following examination programs:

  • So called “Manager-Check”
  • Sports medical performance test
  • Cardiovascular check-up
  • Cancer prevention check-up with endoscopical bowel cancer prevention etc.
  • Anti-Aging-Checkup with performance test, hormonical analysis and corresponding treatment
  • Weight and metabolism analysis, weight reduction coaching

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